UPY 2019 Black & White - Winner

Henley Spiers

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UPY 2019 Black & White - Winner
'Between Two Worlds' - Henley Spiers

10 metres down, I found myself hovering between two worlds. Below, an enormous school of fish covered the bottom as far as I could see. Above, a single Cormorant patrolled the surface, catching its breath and peering down at a potential underwater feast. The cormorant, better designed for swimming than flying, would dive down at speed, aggressively pursuing the fish. The school would move in unison to escape the bird’s sharp beak, making it difficult to isolate a single target. More often than not, the bird returned to the surface empty handed and peace would momentarily be restored. I would squint up at the sunny surface, trying to keep track of the predator and anticipate the next underwater raid. This image captures the hostile, black silhouette of the cormorant as it dives down onto its prey, who for a brief moment, remain unaware of the danger above.

Judge's comment: It must be 11 out of 10 for this groundbreaking image. Conception, interpretation and perseverance coupled with black and white’s ability to concentrate on the key elements. It gets better with each viewing.
Peter Rowlands

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