UPY 2019 Macro - Third

Henley Spiers

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UPY 2019 Macro - Third
'Tiger Wave' - Henley Spiers

The face of a Tiger Cardinalfish, open-mouthed, with sharp teeth protruding, and eggs within, is captured within a wave of blue. Cardinalfish are famous mouth-brooders, with the male responsible for guarding the eggs until they are ready to hatch. I have long been fascinated by this behaviour and spent three dives with this particular individual, slowly earning sufficient trust to allow me the intimacy to capture this image in close confines. Inspired by Davide Lopresti’s work, and wishing to capture an artistic interpretation of this subject, I used a snooted strobe and slow shutter speed, combined with movement of the camera to get this effect. Putting the technical theory into practice was tricky, as the light was within inches of the subject and the fish was free to swim away whenever he felt uncomfortable. With a lot of patience and perseverance, the encounter is best remembered with this frame.

Judge's comment: I was spellbound by this image and Henley’s open homage and detailed explanation says to me that he is a genuine talent with a refreshingly open approach.
Peter Rowlands

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