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UPY 2018 Behaviour - Third

Greg Lecoeur

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UPY 2018 Behaviour - Third
'Gannets feeding' - Greg Lecoeur

I captured this image in Scotland during summer time. Gannets hunt pelagic fish like mackerel by diving into the sea from a height of 30 meters, achieving speeds of 100 kilometres per hour as they strike the water and pursue their prey underwater. With the decline of fish stocks, gannets have to fight against food competition for their survival. They have learned to catch dead fish spilt overboard from fishing vessels and from bird watching boats that take advantage of this to attract them. I was able to realise this image thanks to a fascinating and talented local photographer who shared me his favourite playground in all humility. All honour goes to Richard Shucksmith whom I thank deeply.

Judge's comment: We have seen a great many images of Gannets feeding in UPY over the years so it takes a special one to impress the judges and here it is.
Peter Rowlands

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