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UPY 2018 British Waters Wide Angle - Winner

Grant Thomas

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UPY 2018 British Waters Wide Angle - Winner
'Love Birds' - Grant Thomas

I have always been fascinated by over-under photography, connecting the everyday terrestrial world that we all know with the less familiar underwater secrets. I chose Loch Lomond as the location for this shot due to its idilic scenery, water access and friendly swans. My initial idea was to frame a split shot of one swan feeding below the surface of the water but when I noticed how comfortable they were around me I was confident, with some patience, I could get that magical shot of the two. It was mid-day, sun high in the sky, I waded slowly into the shallow water, allowing the swans to become comfortable with my presence. When they began searching for food below the water line I just had to wait for that perfect moment of synchronicity.

Judge's comment: Congratulations on taking the prize for WINNER & British Underwater Photographer of the Year. The judging panel were impressed when we first viewed this image, But as you know, opinions can change. In this case the swans image got better and better over the days of judging. Martin Edge

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