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UPY 2018 Compact - Third

Ipah UiD

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UPY 2018 Compact - Third
'Frogfish Illusion' - Ipah UiD

To achieve this image I had to use a couple of props for effects. Two items were used to create this shot. A Cokin Filter and a plain old CD. Being a compact user I love experimenting on new techniques. One of them was using a CD as the background to create a prismatic effect. I discovered that the colours changed every time I moved the CD, hence the background behind the goby giving it an illusion of a frogfish ! As the goby is the most common critter and the most well behaved I'm glad I managed to give a wow factor to this little fella.

Judge's comment: A psychedelic abstract image of a goby. We loved the colour and idea of this frame. A slightly better pose of the goby could have seen it place even higher.
Alex Mustard

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