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UPY 2018 Wrecks - Highly Commended

Pekka Tuuri

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UPY 2018 Wrecks - Highly Commended
'Perfect Wheel' - Pekka Tuuri

The German ship Klaus Oldendorf went down in 1942 after hitting a mine. Today she is a very interesting wreck at 30 m depth to the deck. This picture was actually already planned on the deck of the dive boat. We were a team of three and all had been to the wheel before. We went through the photo plan thoroughly. First we took pictures with a top light (torch) and then with backlight. I took pictures with both flash and no flash and liked this one without flash more. It was important to balance the light correctly as I wanted to have the natural faint green glow in the background. This picture is a panorama of two images.

Judge's comment: Cold, dark waters hold some of the best wreck dives, but aren?t the easiest places to shoot. This image creates a graphically powerful composition out of simple elements, to produce a frame filled with atmosphere. Alex Mustard

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