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UPY 2018 Wrecks - Highly Commended

Pekka Tuuri

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UPY 2018 Wrecks - Highly Commended
'Unusually Parked Car' - Pekka Tuuri

This car went through the ice but luckily nobody was hurt. My friend dove the car and told me that it was a perfect photo subject. I drove four hours to get there on a sunny day. We cut a hole in the ice 20 meters away. When I got to the car I could not believe my luck. The car was perfectly placed on a slope and in shallow water so that I was able to get the icy ceiling in the picture. The picture is a manual blend of two images.

Judge's comment: The golden colour jumped out of the screen and the simple yet strong composition lit up what can be a quite sedate category.
Peter Rowlands

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