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UPY 2019 Black & White - Runner Up

Ken Kiefer

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UPY 2019 Black & White - Runner Up
'Mercury Tunnel' - Ken Kiefer

My wife and I were visiting Cayman for the first time. We were mostly diving from a boat on this trip and heard a rumor about silversides making a short appearance near Devil's Grotto at Eden Rock. We gathered up all of our gear and rushed over to try out this shore dive and search for the tarpon and silversides. It is a rare event, but absolutely magical to witness. Hundreds of thousands of these tiny fish flow like mercury through the multiple swim throughs trying to avoid becoming dinner for the massive tarpon in the area. Much of the time my wife and I were unable to see one another due to the volume of the little fish. At this moment, a tunnel appeared between us and I was thrilled to capture the moment!

Judge's comment: This is a timeless scene that communicates a detailed story. The cavern, the silversides sheltering, the tarpon hunting and the diver kneeling reverentially, taking it all in. It is a fabulous use of black and white to tell this story of shadows and light.
Alex Mustard

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