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UPY 2019 British Waters Macro - Commeded

Cathy Lewis

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UPY 2019 British Waters Macro - Commeded
'Butterfish and brittlestars' - Cathy Lewis

The colourful brittlestar bed in Loch Carron makes a wonderful backdrop for the creatures that live in it, such as this eel-shaped butterfish, Pholis gunnellus, which is perfectly adapted to weaving in and out of the thick carpet of entwining arms, hunting for food. I enjoy photographing marine life against colourful, textural backgrounds and Loch Carron is a particularly rich, photogenic environment that never fails to wow me, drawing me back year after year.

Judge's comment: A picture that reveals the richness of life in British Seas, with the entire frame packed with life. This is a photo of elegant curves from the sinuous butterfish to the brittlestar arms combined with rich colour and texture.
Alex Mustard

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