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UPY 2019 British Waters Macro - Commended

Cathy Lewis

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UPY 2019 British Waters Macro - Commended
'Red Blenny' - Cathy Lewis

UK waters have some strikingly coloured fish, one of whom is the rarely seen Red Blenny, or Portuguese Blenny (Parablennius ruber), a sister species to the better known and equally characterful Tompot. Considered a relatively recent addition to the UK fauna due to warming waters, I knew these shy fish could be found tucked away in crevices in exposed areas of the Isles of Scilly. I spent the best part of two dives at one crevice with a few individuals, waiting for one to position itself close enough for this portrait. Surrounded by yellow and pink jewel anemones, this vibrant fish shows that UK diving can be just as colourful as the very best tropical reefs.

Judge's comment: Wow, what colour! There aren’t many subjects that make jewel anemones look drab, but this blenny certainly does. A classic portrait, but excitingly the first time we’ve seen this species in the British categories of UPY. Great find, great dedication and a stunning shot.
Alex Mustard

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