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UPY 2019 Macro - Runner Up

Flavio Vailati

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UPY 2019 Macro - Runner Up
'Inside the eggs' - Flavio Vailati

I went to the Philippines to photograph these critters. I had already seen this nudibranch on these eggs but to make this shot I had to wait for it to position itself in the point that I had imagined. While I was waiting I prepared the snoot on my flash and my additional lens.
I had only one shot because although slow, it moved quickly enough!

Judge's comment: Perfect composition and framed against the stark black background. However it's the contrast of white on black which attracts the eye again and again every time this particular image popped up to greet us. The colour of the nudibranch was sufficiently bright enough to raise our senses again and again as it proceeded through the competition. The soft delicate treatment of the snooted flash is also very well managed.
Martin Edge

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