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UPY 2019 Macro - Highly Commended

Lilian Koh

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UPY 2019 Macro - Highly Commended
'Fluffy Love' - Lilian Koh

Always a joy to photograph a lemon goby, especially one which is as cooperative as this one.
Some lemon gobies are difficult to capture as they are shy and pretty skittish. This one stays put which gives me ample time to capture the angle and bokeh as I have imagined.

Judge's comment: For many years now dedicated underwater photographers have been pushing the boundaries of Macro and Super-macro backgrounds and introducing new ways and ideas to 'spice' up macro subjects. The list is varied. Some work and others don't work but I would encourage all you macro enthusiasts to continue. The panel found this particular approach to be innovative without being 'Gordy' and 'Over-Cooked'. Hence its highly commended placement in the Macro Category. Many congratulations.
Martin Edge

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