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UPY 2019 Marine Conservation - Commended

Damien Mauric

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UPY 2019 Marine Conservation - Commended
'The Big Groupers of the Medes Archipelago' - Damien Mauric

The seven islets just one kilometre away from the town of L’Estartit on the Costa Brava form the Medes Archipelago, one of the most popular diving areas in Europe. Almost thirty years of protection as a natural marine park have permitted a complete sea-bed recovery, which hosts sea life like no other with hundreds of species such as groupers, lobsters or even red coral. Thanks to the Medes Islands and the Marine Park, L’Estartit has evolved from a little fishing village to an international diving town where tourists from all around the world are regular visitors of the marine park and can enjoy a pristine Mediterranean sea.

Judge's comment: We must never forget that positive images are needed to show what can be achieved in a comparatively short period of time.
Peter Rowlands

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