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UPY 2019 Portrait - Highly Commended

Virginia Salzedo

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UPY 2019 Portrait - Highly Commended
'The Woman in Red' - Virginia Salzedo

I love photography as it allows me to dream with open eyes, and when an idea is born within me, a strong feeling of restlessness takes over, and until it's done I cannot feel at peace.
The photo reveals how I feel when I’m inside the sea, my soul becomes light, my body becomes one with the water that envelopes me.
I wanted an image that was delicately sensual, I needed a dress that could float among the fish. I remembered that my childhood friend Virna is a very talented designer, so I called upon her for the creation of the dress.
The choice of the model was fundamental for the success of this photo. Sanda Delija is a free-diving champion, she posed at 18 meters depth among the fish, for several hours, until we were sure we got the right shot.

Judge's comment: Whether or not you like fashion photography underwater you would be hard pressed to see a more beautiful combination of complimentary colours and a very elegant pose. A very well executed image.
Peter Rowlands

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