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UPY 2019 Up & Coming - Highly Commended


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UPY 2019 Up & Coming - Highly Commended
'The Fall' - Martin GERARD

As I live in Belgium and the water temperature is not always pleasant in a 3mm wetsuit, I decided ask a few female friends to act as models who were kind enough to spend a few hours of their time in a pool. This started as a way to practice underwater photography and I just got hooked to this new line of underwater photography (new to me, I mean). I usually take pictures of fish.
For "The Fall", We wanted to generate a movement through the water surface and we used a fabric to create more volume underwater and the bubbles demonstrate the movement under the water surface reflexion
For me it works, thanks a lot to Melanie for working as a patient model.

Judge's comment: This is an excellent example for this category. It takes a tried and trusted angle but completely lifts it by using the fabric. It becomes more than an image; a concept, a transition, a rebirth.
Peter Rowlands

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