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UPY  Macro - Runner Up

Keigo Kawamura

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UPY  Macro - Runner Up
'Eyes' - Keigo Kawamura

The Unicorn shrimp usually inhabits around 200 to 300 m deep, but they rise to about 40m due to breeding behavior. There are thousands to tens of thousands of shrimps but there are only a few suitable places to shoot them. The direction and density of the tide may vary depending on the direction, strength, and brightness in the ocean. I went there many times because I could only stay for 15 minutes once a day. I was lucky to be able to find and shoot the ideal situation.

Judge's comment: Producing a visually powerful macro shot is difficult enough when working with a single subject, but it is a fabulous achievement with a scene such as this by accurate framing and exact lighting control to emphasise all those faces and whiskers in the dark.
- Alex Mustard

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