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UPY  Marine Conservation - Highly Commended

Kim André Sund

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UPY  Marine Conservation - Highly Commended
'Cormorant caught in a net' - Kim André Sund

Whilst on a wreck dive on the “Øygard” outside of Ålesund (Norway) I found a fishing net stuck at the aft with a lot of dead fish and crabs.
When acsending to the upper deck, I found the cormorant dead in the net. It is a common problem that fishermen place their nets on the wrecks and the net gets stuck. After the picture was taken, Norwegian media got interested and it all ended up with the Norwegian coast guard cleaning up the net a few weeks later.

Judge's comment: Whilst it is a very sad story the author was instrumental in bringing this to the Norwegian media’s attention.
- Martin Edge

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