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UPY  Marine Conservation - Highyl Commended

Charlotte Sams

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UPY  Marine Conservation - Highyl Commended
'Great White Necropsy' - Charlotte Sams

A small great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) was found dead on the shores in South Africa. Reported by Lower Breede River Conservancy then recovered by Dyer Island Conservation Trust, this small, young shark was then analysed, along with the South African Shark Conservancy.
This was taken during the necropsy where the scientists had to cut into the shark to examine all parts of it to try and determine the cause of death. They spent hours looking inside and at her organs but no definite cause of death was found on this day. Her body did not go to waste, as scientists make sure that by collecting samples, numerous studies and research projects can be supported. Though limited with my equipment I had on me, I documented this striking activity as best I could, focusing here on the head lying apart from the body.

Judge's comment: Having read Charlotte’s back story, this image is not as we first imagined; mindless slaughter etc etc but actually this is a positive image. Visually it creates a negative reaction but, as always, there are two sides to every story.
- Peter Rowlands

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