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UPY  Portrait - Winner

Lilian Koh

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UPY  Portrait - Winner
'Butterfly Effect' - Lilian Koh

Having been immersed mostly in creative macro, this is the first time I have used a snoot technique on a larger scale. Maintaining a shallow depth to capture the reflection, the snoot is used to bring focus to the model while the blue light catches the flowing veil that frames around her creating a butterfly effect.

Judge's comment: Some images have instant appeal but it takes a quality one to sustain it. Winning images must continue to grow in appeal through the stages to rise above the pack. This image kept coming back and kept getting promoted for its originality, its perfection and delicacy. Our guidelines say “We hope to recognise and reward excellence and creativity in underwater photography within its various disciplines.” This is a prime example and a unanimous winner.
- Peter Rowlands

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