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UPY  Underwater Photography Book of the Year - Recommended reading


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UPY  Underwater Photography Book of the Year - Recommended reading
'Sabah an underwater journey' - Scubazoo

Sitting in the heart of the Coral Triangle, home to the world’s greatest marine diversity, Sabah is a magnet for divers from around the world. With its glorious tropical islands, teeming coral reefs, clear warm water and sandy beaches, this biodiversity hotspot is indeed a diver’s dream come true. Sensational Seas of Sabah captures the beauty, diversity and breathtaking experiences that attracts people to enjoy some of the world’s best diving. Scubazoo will take you on a journey to reveal the amazing diversity of creatures such as the endangered green and hawksbill turtles, countless species of sharks, plus thousands of barracuda and jacks. As well as these large inhabitants of the reef, Sabah offers rare critters such as mimic octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, harlequin ghost pipefish, many strange frogfish, sea horses and colourful nudibranchs.
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