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UPY  Wide Angle - Third

Tobias Friedrich

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UPY  Wide Angle - Third
'Sub Zero' - Tobias Friedrich

During an expedition in East Greenland under the ice, one diver took his video lights with him to swim underneath the iceberg. The water was minus 2 degrees with outside winds up to minus 27 degree Celsius, in which we sometimes only could do one dive per day. The whole fjord was frozen with the icebergs frozen into the surface. We had to get our gear on a snowmobile and man-powered sledge every day to an iceberg we thought could be nice and made some holes around it. Only in the water could we see the real dimensions of the whole iceberg.

Judge's comment: A perfect example of contrasting sizes creating impact. Without the diver we can only guess how big the iceberg is but with it we have an image in awe and wonder of nature?s effortless beauty. It also reminded me of the alien ship in Close Encounters :-) Finally a big credit to Tobias for his dedication to producing world class images in all temperatures of seas.
- Peter Rowlands

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