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UPY  Wrecks - Runner Up

Renee Capozzola

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UPY  Wrecks - Runner Up
'Saudi Titanic' - Renee Capozzola

This split shot of the Georgios shipwreck was taken in Saudi Arabia in the area of NEOM, along the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea. In 1978, this large cargo ship became stranded on a bed of corals and then had a large fire. The wreck is now known by many locals as the “Saudi Titanic” and sits halfway out of the water at the bow and in roughly 80 feet of water at the stern. There is a large school of tiny fish that live inside and there is abundant coral growth on the ship itself, which
now serves as an artificial reef for many marine organisms. I wanted to capture this wreck as a split to highlight more of the ship but at the time the light hit the port side, it was a bit wavy so I was fortunate to have gotten this shot!

Judge's comment: A split level creates an enthralling view of this impressive wreck, captured in beautiful light, with perfect technique in challenging conditions. View this shot as big as you can!
- Alex Mustard

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