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UPY  Black and White - Runner Up

Martin Broen

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UPY  Black and White - Runner Up
'Time Travel'
Martin Broen

Imagine yourself in an underwater cave in Mexico, hours away from the exit to surface, diving through a never ending labyrinth covered with prehistoric formations, seeing charcoal in the ground from the fires of an ancient culture, finding bones of animal species extinct 8000 years ago, and everything around you is preserved as it was back in the time those caves flooded. It's a visceral feeling of going back in time to a different age
This image is trying to capture that. The rugged texture of those prehistoric overhead environments with pristine formations framing the diver in darkness. The depth of the never-ending tunnels and the feeling of the travel in time given by the zooming movement into the light and model. And the processing in black and white to simplify the image
A claustrophobic feeling for some and of discovery and adventure for others.

Judge's comment: Wow, The judge is speechless! Such beautiful words indeed. An extremely well deserved runner up in this category.
- Martin Edge

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