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2015 winning images

"The quantity and particularly the quality of the images entered left us all astounded. It was a privilege to be part of something so special. Heart-warming to see the competition so enthusiastically embraced by the community, heart-breaking at times when we just couldn’t squeeze some truly amazing images into this collection."
Alex Mustard - Chair of the jury 2015

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Award Winners

Underwater Photographer of the Year 2015: '50 Tons Of Me'
Nuno Sá
British Underwater Photographer of the Year 2015: 'Gannets Feast'
Matt Doggett
Most Promising British Underwater Photographer of the Year 2015: 'Glowing Goby'
Mario Vitalini

Wide Angle

Winner: 'From the Below'
Raffaele Livornese
Runner Up: 'Socotra Cormorant'
Hani Bader
Third: 'Bottoms Up'
Morten Bjørn Larsen
Highly Commended: 'Reef Reflections'
Julian Cohen
Highly Commended: 'Waratah Anemones at Sunrise'
Matt Smith
Highly Commended: 'Man and Fish'
João Paulo Krajewski
Highly Commended: 'Under the Platform'
Allison Vitsky Sallmon
Commended: 'Terry in the Baitball'
J. Gregory Sherman
Commended: 'Osmosis'
Fabrice GUERIN
Commended: 'Divers in the Light'
Elaine White


Winner: '50 Tons Of Me'
Nuno Sá
Runner Up: 'Dancing shrimp in formation'
Theresa A. Guise
Third: 'The passenger'
Filippo Borghi
Highly Commended: 'Miamira Alleni : The Anilao Star'
Marcello Di Francesco
Highly Commended: 'Riding The Dragon'
François Parot
Highly Commended: 'Mr. & Mrs Yellow Hairy Goby'
Jeffrey Chua de Guzman
Highly Commended: 'Octocorallia (soft coral) close-up'
Pash Baker
Commended: 'Barbie Nemo'
Tobias Friedrich
Commended: 'Hitchhiker'
Lynn Wu
Commended: 'Nembrotha in carnival'
Adriano Morettin


Winner: 'EELASTIC'
Tobias Friedrich
Runner Up: 'Exploring the Kittiwake'
Charles Hood
Third: 'The stairs'
Tobias Friedrich
Highly Commended: 'Liferafts at the Salem Express'
Mario Vitalini
Highly Commended: 'No parking! Tow away zone'
Terry Steeley
Highly Commended: 'Wreck of the SS Carnatic'
Arthur Kingdon
Highly Commended: 'Barbette'
Steve Jones
Commended: 'Louilla'
Csaba Tökölyi
Commended: 'Sunbathing'
Nadya Kulagina
Commended: 'P29 Patrol boat wreck'
Trevor Rees


Winner: 'Survival'
Montse Grillo
Runner Up: 'Good luck my babies'
Tammy Gibbs
Third: 'Valet service'
Cathy Lewis
Highly Commended: 'Hunting'
Olivier Delorieux
Highly Commended: 'Bait Ball Man'
Lawrence Alex Wu
Highly Commended: 'Common Toad Orgy'
Pekka Tuuri
Highly Commended: 'Fur Seals Revenge'
Andy Murch
Commended: 'Piggyback'
Jeffrey Chua de Guzman
Commended: 'Cleaning'
Mark Fuller
Commended: 'Silversides Buffet'
Andy Deitsch

Up & Coming

Winner: 'Angelita'
Fabrice GUERIN
Runner Up: 'Fast Oceanic'
Tommi Kokkola
Third: 'Glowing Goby'
Mario Vitalini
Highly Commended: 'Queen Indeed'
Ken Kiefer 2
Highly Commended: 'The Ghostly Giannis D'
John Parker
Highly Commended: 'Anthia turners'
Duncan Robins
Highly Commended: 'Whaleshark buffet'
Gary Peart
Commended: 'On Patrol'
Juha Paunisaari
Commended: 'Beautiful Butterfly'
Ken Kiefer 2
Commended: 'Forest Diving'
Michael Weberberger

British Waters Wide Angle

Winner: 'Gannets Feast'
Matt Doggett
Runner Up: 'Pike, the lurking predator'
Trevor Rees
Third: 'Tunnel Vision'
Steve Jones
Highly Commended: 'A Cornish Blue'
Charles Hood
Highly Commended: 'Feeding Gannets'
Richard Shucksmith
Highly Commended: 'Big Eyes'
Adam Hanlon
7Trevor Rees: 'Dahlia against the green'
Commended: 'Barrel jellyfish by the Mount'
Charles Hood
Commended: 'Rock Pool Wonders'
Paul Colley CB OBE
Commended: 'The Two Wrasse'
Richard Shucksmith

British Waters Macro

Winner: 'The amphipod has landed'
Trevor Rees
Runner Up: 'Peekaboo puffin'
Matt Doggett
Third: 'Northern Prawn'
Arthur Kingdon
Highly Commended: 'Rafting flabellina nobilis'
Ally McDowell
Highly Commended: 'The St Kilda Jewels'
Jane Morgan
Highly Commended: 'Blenny Rage'
Alex Tattersall
Highly Commended: 'Hermit crab on red'
Matt Doggett
Commended: 'Shrimp hiding in anemone'
Trevor Rees
Commended: 'The Voice'
Cathy Lewis
Commended: 'Blue jelly fish'
Steve Jones

British Waters Compact

Winner: 'Cuttlefish in a blur'
Trevor Rees
Runner Up: 'Hermit crabs hanging out'
Polly Whyte
Third: 'Sharp Shrimp'
Paul Colley CB OBE
Highly Commended: 'Within an Autumnal Weir Drop off'
Warren Williams
Highly Commended: 'Tompot Portrait'
Polly Whyte
Highly Commended: 'Hare raising'
Polly Whyte
Highly Commended: 'Can't move for moon jellyfish'
Polly Whyte
Commended: 'Hemmick Lobster'
Tim Caddy
Commended: 'Long-snouted seahorse in Studland Bay'
Andrew Pearson
Commended: 'Jewel anemones'
Polly Whyte