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UPY 2018 Portrait - Commended

André Musgrove

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UPY 2018 Portrait - Commended
'Imprisonment' - André Musgrove

My friend David and I created this image at an abandoned coral observatory off Nassau, Bahamas. This site had the perfect structure we needed to portray the idea of underwater bondage and imprisonment. With the jail cell like design of the overhang barriers of the dilapidated structure, it made the perfect underwater studio. It took about an hour and a half to create the shot with the use of a scuba regulator for assisted breathing and bubble making for special effects. The challenge was to time the perfect moment for the bubbles to be arranged around David's face. The result is something we are both proud of.

Judge's comment: It is interesting to have mix of human and wildlife portraits in this category. This picture is so well executed by both the photographer and model.
Alex Mustard

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